Table 1

Table 1. Comparison of Major Nonverbal Behaviors
Nonverbal Behaviors Example Ekman & Friesen (1969) Argyle (1969)
continuous evidence other is attentive, responsive head-nodding, eye-gaze, brief utterances 'ah-ha' Mutual Attention & Responsiveness
initiate/terminate speech head-nod, eye movements Regulator Channel Control
primary effects; plan for interruption, moment-to-moment changes; adoption to response combination Affect Display Feedback
emphasis of linguistic reference; improve clarity of message redundant pointing, gesturing Illustrator Illustrations
accurately translated into words; gestures in lieu of words handshake, smile, head-nod Emblems Emblems
listener assessment of speaker attitude toward listener proximity, gesturing, expressions, eye-gaze Adaptor Interpersonal Attitudes

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